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So have you ever wondered what Gugu Mbatha-Raw smelled like?! Well we have done the research for you and now you can get her wonderful aroma in this amazing Gugu Mbatha-Raw  Celebrity Cash Candle!

So what EXACTLY does she smell like?! Well since we are full of surprises, THAT part is a surprise! So the only way to find out is to purchase this candle and see for yourself! Just know that this candle truly does smell amazing!

ALL our Cash Candles contain a REAL $2 bill inside every candle! Some, random, lucky winners will also get a QR code on their $2 bill with an additional money prize worth up to $2500!

 *We do NOT give odds as this is a just for fun, novelty gift and NOT a lottery! Once again to be CRYSTAL CLEAR, the only GUARANTEE we give is that EACH and EVERY Cash Candle will contain a REAL $2 bill inside!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review